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Kimberly Hightower Resume


30+ Years of Newborn Care Specialist Experience

Fully Vaccinated & Current Flu Shot

Extensive International Travel Experience With Newborns

Extensive Preemie & Multiples Experience

Member of NCSA (Newborn Care Specialist Association)

Member of NCSA (Infant Sleep Specialist)

Member of DONA International (Doulas of North America)

Member of Doulas of Southern California (DASC)

Member of CAPPA (Childbirth & Postpartum Professional Association)

Member of RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers)

Infant, Child & Adult CPR & First Aid Certified (Richard Pass/Save A Little Life)

"The Happiest Baby" Educator (Dr. Harvey Karp)

Certified Lactation Specialist (CAPPA)

Dunstan Baby Language Educator

Infant Massage Training (The Pump Station)

Infant Yoga Educator (Garabedi Method)

Infant Hydrotherapy/Spa Swim Bath/Massage Educator (Laura Sevenus/The Baby Spa)

Swim Survival Training for Babies (Swim Bea Babies Method)

Experience Working With High-Profile Families



Singleton: Beginning August, 2022 

Rotational Travel Newborn Care Specialist/Governess

KYLIE JENNER - Hidden Hills, Bel Air, Palm Springs

Singleton: February-July, 2022

Newborn Care Specialist/Lactation Support/Gentle Sleep Training/Water Therapy/International Travel

MAMIE GUMMER & MEHAR SETHI (Repeat Client) - Eagle Rock, CA

 Singleton: October 2021-January 2022

Newborn Care Specialist/Lactation Support

Gentle Sleep Training

MAX & KELLIE MUNCY - Lake Hollywood, CA

Singleton: July-September 2021

Newborn Care Specialist/Lactation Support

Gentle Sleep Training/Water Therapy

New Parent Training


Preemie Singleton: June 2021

Newborn Care Specialist/Lactation Support

Gentle Sleep Training/Water Therapy

New Parent Training

GRACE BOEVE - Playa Vista, CA

Singleton: May 2021

Gentle Sleep Training


Preemie Singleton: May 2021

Newborn Care Specialist/Lactation Specialist

Gentle Sleep Training/New Parent Training

ADAM & SARAH SHUKOVSKY - Santa Monica, CA/Laguna Beach/Newport Beach, CA

Newborn Care Specialist, Singleton: April - October 2020

Lactation Specialist/New Parent Training

Swim Survival Training/Sleep Training

Nanny Training


Newborn Care Specialist, Singleton: February - April, 2020

Lactation Specialist/New Parent Training

Ongoing Consults

MICHAEL & LIZ CORBETT - Westlake Village, CA

Baby: Teddy

Newborn Care Specialist, Singleton: December, 2019 - January, 2020

Gentle Infant Sleep Training/New Parent Training

Nanny Training/Ongoing Consults


Baby: Sebastian

Newborn Care Specialist, Singleton: August - September, 2019

Lactation Specialist/Parent Training

Nanny Training/Gentle Infant Sleep Training

Ongoing Consults


Babies: Vin & Arlo

Newborn Care Specialist, Twins: April - May, 2019

Lactation Specialist/New Parent Training

Gentle Infant Sleep Training/Nanny Training 


Preemie Twins

Newborn Care Specialist: March - July, 2019

New Parent Training/Infant Sleep Training

Ongoing Consults


Newborn Care Specialist, Singleton: March - July 2019

Lactation Specialist/New Parent Training

Infant Sleep Training/Ongoing Consults


Newborn Care Specialist, Singleton: March - April, 2019

PRIVATE CLIENT - Beverly Hills, CA

Newborn Care Specialist, Singleton: March, 2019

Lactation Specialist/Infant Sleep Training

Ongoing Consults

KATIE PROVINZIANO - Westside Nannies/Owner

Newborn Care Specialist, Singleton: August, 2018

PRIVATE FAMILY - Beverly Hills, CA

Newborn Care Specialist, Singleton July 2018 - February 2019

Birth Doula - Surrogate Birth

Infant Sleep Training/Swim Survival Training

Nanny Staff Training/Household Management 

PRIVATE FAMILY - Beverly Hills, CA

Newborn Care Specialist, Singleton March/June 2018

Infant Sleep Training 

PRIVATE FAMILY - Hollywood Hills

Newborn Care Specialist, Singleton - Dec 2017/Jan 2018

Lactation Training/Education

Infant Sleep Training/Swim Survival Training

SETHI FAMILY - Bel Air Hotel

Infant Sleep Training November 16-30, 2017

Ongoing Infant Sleep Consultation/London Nov/Dec 2017

CLAYTON & ELLEN KERSHAW (Repeat Client) - Dallas TX

Cali (2yr 10mos) & Charley (11 months)

Sleep Training/East Coast Time - November 7-13, 2017


Jody Weintraub - West Hollywood, CA

Newborn Care Specialist, Singleton - July/October 2017

Infant Sleep Training/Infant Swim Survival Training 


Newborn Care Specialist, Singleton - June/July, 2017

Infant Sleep Consultant/Infant Swim Survival Training  

KERSHAW FAMILY (Repeat Client) - Studio City, CA

Instant Sleep Consultant, Singleton 2nd Baby - May, 2017

Sleep Training @ 5 1/2 months


Newborn Care Specialist, Singleton 1st Baby March-May 2015

Infant Sleep Consultant/Lactation Consultant

Infant Swim Survival Training/Sleep Training 

TERRI SEYMOUR (TV Correspondent) - Los Angeles, CA

Newborn Care Specialist, Singleton, March, 2015

Postpartum Doula Care/Lactation Consultant

SIMON COWELL - London/Los Angeles/NYC/Miami/Barbados

Newborn Care Specialist, Singleton Feb 2014-March 2015

24/7 Duty From Birth

Sleep Training/Infant Swim Survival Training

Hiring, Training & Management of Nanny Personnel/UK & USA Sept. 2014 - September 2015

Full term single baby that included extensive domestic and international travel for 6 months. Baby sleeping through the night 7am-7pm at 7 weeks. Swim Survival Training began at 7 weeks with baby swimming independently underwater at 10 months of age. At 6 months hired nanny team in America/UK and provided ongoing training & management of nanny personnel. Other ongoing responsibilities include co-ordinating immunization records with UK/American based pediatricians & overseeing multiple nursery & travel inventories with household managers and assistants.

POUPKO FAMILY - Santa Monica, CA

Twins: Ivy & Isabella

Newborn Care Specialist - Preemie Twins - December, 2012 to October, 2013

Infant Sleep Consultant/Infant Swim Survival Training

24/7 Coverage From Birth

8 weeks premature (4 weeks in NICU). Sleep Training: Babies sleeping 11pm-7am at 3 1/2 months old and sleeping 7am-7pm at 4 1/2 months old. At six months of age I hired, trained and managed nanny team for household before transitioning to leave,

LEMMON FAMILY - Los Angeles, CA September, 2012- December, 2012

Twins: Alex & Beckett

Newborn Care Specialist - Full Term Twins

Infant Sleep Consultant/Infant Sleep Training

Babies were separated as one baby was very ill with RSV and required breathing treatments, suctioning & medications. Babies sleeping from 11pm-7am @ 3 months of age. Responsible for training day nanny on how to care for the twin with RSV, and teaching her the EASY routine to follow.

KATHY GIACONIA (Sr. Exec Producer/Dr Phil Show)

Preemie Twins (6.5 weeks)

Newborn Care Specialist: July-September 2012

Infant Sleep Consultant/Infant Swim Survival Training

One twin suffered from GERD. Trained day nanny on EASY day schedule.

HANNAH MINGHELLA (President of TriStar Pictures) Los Angeles, CA

Infant Sleep Training: May, 2012

6 months old/transitioned from co-sleeper to crib and breast feeding to bottle feeding in 2 nights.

REBECCA STEWART (Owner of VIP Nannies) - Sherman Oaks, CA

Infant Sleep Training: May, 2012

3 month old waking up 6-7 times per night. Successfully had baby sleeping through the night after 2 nights.

DEROSNAY FAMILY (Justice Band) - Paris/Los Angeles/Las Vegas/Palm Springs

24/7 Travel Newborn Care Specialist: April, 2012

Infant Sleep Training/Infant Swim Survival Training

Traveled with musicians family visiting from Paris for 10 days with a 6 month old not sleeping through the night. Baby was trained in 3 nights to sleep through the night. Baby mastered "Swim Survival Techniques" and to swim "paddle style" after 8 days/twice per day training sessions. 

CARLA SHELLEY (Aardman Animation-Executive Producer/Arthur Christmas) - Santa Monica, CA/NYC/Bristol UK/London UK

Nanny/Part Time: 7 year old (after school care during film production in USA/UK)

My client below and this client worked together at Sony Studios for pre and post production of the animated film, "Arthur Christmas." Both mothers relocated to CA from the UK to work on this film. I was asked to help part time with her 7 year old daughter M-F. I did school pick ups, helped with homework, drove to gymnastics practice and met mother at doctor appointments as needed and dropped child off to the mother at Sony Studios at the end of each day (along with the baby as outlined below). Helped out as needed in NYC and London during screenings and post production when child was not in school.

SARAH SMITH (Sony Studios-Film Director/Co-Writer/Arthur Christmas)

USA LOCATIONS: Marina Del Rey/Venice Beach/Beverly Hills/Los Angeles/Carmel/Palm Springs/NYC

UK LOCATIONS: Mayfair/Richmond/Bristol/Suffolk/London/Barnes

Newborn Care Specialist/Transitioned in Nanny Role: April, 2010 - March, 2012

Worked 24/7 International & Domestic Travel Job when not in Los Angeles. Lived in London for 4 months, as well as traveling solo with baby internationally and domestically while mother finished post production of animated film she directed and co-wrote for Sony Studios. Lived for 1 month at Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles during Awards Season before finishing job.

BADER FAMILY - Los Angeles, CA: April, 2008 - April, 2010

Preemie Quadruplets (2.5 months)

Newborn Care Specialist Team/Transitioned Into Nanny Role

Two of the four babies were in the NICU for the first two months of life. They came home on apnea monitors and one had severe reflux and eczema. I worked with a team of baby nurses monitoring babies, charting meds and feedings. Ultimately responsible for scheduling of NCS Team and weekly time sheets. Initiated and supervised with mother, the introduction of 4 foreign languages in a curriculum based program beginning at the age of 12 weeks.


Dunstan Baby Language Professional Course 2021

Advanced Midwifery Workshop - Ina Mae Gaskins @ The Farm/TN 2016

Neonatal Resuscitation Workshop - Ina Mae Gaskins @ The Farm/TN 2016

Midwifery Assistant Workshop - Ina Mae Gaskins @ The Farm/TN 2015

Infant Spa Swim Baths, Hydrotherapy & Massage - Laura Sevenus @ The Baby Spa/Kensington, London UK 2014

Breastfeeding Workshop - (CAPPA) - Lacey Mackey @ Naturalmom 2014

Certified Lactation Educator Training (CLE) - Christy Jo Hendricks @ Bini Birth 2013

Postpartum Doula Training - DONA International - Kathrin Auger @ Bini Birth 2013

Birth Doula Training - DONA International - Anna Paula Markel @ Bini Birth 2013

Infant Yoga Training - Helen Garabedian (Itsy Bitsy Yoga) 2013

NCS (Newborn Care Specialist) - Gentle Ventures, Phoenix, AZ 2012

RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) Training - Liz Memel, Los Angeles, CA 2012

RIE Nurturing Infant Course - Liz Memel, Los Angeles, CA 2012

RIE Professional Development Course: RIE Foundations: Theory & Observation - Liz Memel, Los Angeles 2012

"THE HAPPIEST BABY" Educator Training Los Angeles, CA - 2012

Infant Massage Training/The Pump Station - 2011

Swimbea Water Baby Training - Saint Simon's Island, GA - 2006


National College of Midwifery Taos, NM 2017-Present

Mercer University Atlanta, GA 2000 Special Education Coursework/Emotional Behavior Disorder Emphasis

Oral Roberts University Tulsa, OK 1995-1996 Master's Degree in Secondary Education

University of Texas Austin, TX 1978-1981 Bachelor of Science Degree/Business


Creating a Series of Social Media Tutorials To Support Total Baby Wellness Book 2022

Currently Writing First Book on Total Baby Wellness 2022

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