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Hightower Newborn Care Specialists was created by Kimberly Hightower, who has 30+ years experience in the newborn field. Kimberly is focused on TOTAL BABY WELLNESS, as well as providing support to moms through the entire birth process as needed. Birth and Postpartum Doula services are offered, as well as assisting with the transition home to provide day or night care to mom and baby to allow for much needed rest for a mother to recover. Mothers are provided Lactation Support if needed. We do not judge any mother that chooses not to breast feed. Our only job is to be supportive and provide as much information needed for you to make the best decisions for yourself and baby.

We can educate you on the benefits of Infant Yoga/Massage and Spa Swim Baths and teach you these modalities to help aid your babies circulation, digestion and sleep. Educating and teaching parents Dr. Karp's Soothing Techniques, as well as how to identify a baby's 5 Cries, empowers them by knowing how to soothe their baby. Training a baby to sleep through the night is a natural and organic response to the Total Baby Wellness plan. We do not use "cry it out" methods as this increases the stress hormone, cortisol, in your baby which then creates a negative impact on infant brain development. Kimberly and her team use a simple process that guarantees a high success rate, by implementing soothing techniques coupled with using the weight of the baby to determine the number of ounces they need to consume in a 24 hour period to optimize their sleep.

Infant Sleep is Kimberly's speciality and she combines love and care with her 30+ year knowledge to produce great results - not to mention amazing references that attest to her success in training babies to sleep through the night. Kimberly's belief is that you have to be patient and LISTEN to each baby - as they have their own language that is uniquely their own - and they will tell you what they need.

Why us?

Families feel more comfortable knowing there are as few people as possible assisting parents with their baby in the early months of life. This allows families to have complete privacy using a small team with specialized training through the birth process, post-partum care and until their newborn is sleeping through the night.

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