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This is available on ITunes. I only use Track #2 "Fast & Vigorous" while a newborn baby is napping or for night sleep. The sound on Track #2 replicates what your newborn baby hears in utero (blood rushing through the placenta) and is very soothing to your newborn . Your baby will sleep longer and sounder wilthout being startled awake by common sounds such as a dog barking, a door slamming, children crying, phones ringing, ambulance and police sirens while this white noise is playing at the appropriate level of sound. 
This sound heard in utero is louder than a vaccum cleaner or 60-80 decibels. This loud noise is very soothing to a baby, so I encourage you to play this white noise sound as loud as you need too in order to block out any startling sounds common to your home that could startle your baby awake during naps and night time sleep.
YOU WILL NEED A WIRELESS BLUETOOTH SPEAKER IN THE NURSERY to achieve the correct volume for your home.


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